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ITSM and SIAM software subscription

When our companies purchase software solutions, we often have to tie up liquidity to a relatively large extent, already when signing the agreement, and at the same time we have to decide (that is – often guess how many licenses we expect to need for the next few years.

One thing is to prepay for (at least) one year – another is that many subscriptions may only be terminated at a certain time, and if you exceed the time with just one day ……. well, then you are automatically stuck with the same number of licenses for yet another year.

Many of us will recognize this mechanism from our personal insurance agreements.

Mostly it just tends to be an annoyance in our private lives, In our companies, however – given the amount of money and potential consequences involved – it might pose a real and significant problem.

You could say that the “flexibility ” is the same in both cases – there is none!

At VisionWillow we think this approach is getting increasingly out of sync with the needs of a modern company. A lot of our customers face many changes over a year, and therefore are having an increasingly hard time “guessing” the number of users 12 or 24 months into the future.

The solution is, however, already available, as seen with the customizable subscription schemes of most streaming services – like Netflix – where you can flexibly choose when you want to actively subscribe – and at which feature-level.

This approach is, fortunately, also emerging in the realm of software license subscriptions. 4me, one of our software vendors, is offering exactly this type of subscription for their ITSM and SIAM related software.

We are therefore really pleased to be able to offer our 4me-customers a license model where you only pay for the actual number of users – AND have the option to adjust this number freely – all on a monthly basis.

Another important benefit of the 4me-based model is, that each license gives you access to all features in the solution, right from the start – and at the same price.

This eases your administration – and you avoid spending time and money adjusting your subscription, when your needs change.

Economic, simple and flexible – to suit your business.


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